Dr. Donald Redford

Penn State University

Origin of the Egyptian Script and writing

The North Texas Chapter of ARCE is due for a rare treat this Saturday as Dr. Donald Redford, Professor of Egyptology at Pennsylvania, one of the last of the Giants in Egyptology, will be joining us. He will be presenting both a lecture and an all day seminar this coming weekend, Friday, April 7th, and Saturday, April 8th.

Dr. Redford is widely known for his studies on the origins of Monotheistic religions, the Pharaoh Akhenaten, and for his numerous books and papers on all aspects of Egyptian history and culture. After a very long career, every summer he still opens broad new areas of unknown territory within the ancient city of Mendes, in the Egyptian Delta.

Redford is an exciting person to be with, sitting around the dinner table after the meal. He is just as likely to break into an ancient Greek song, something in Latin, perhaps a phrase of Coptic, or nearly any topic dealing with ancient Egypt.

Be with us on Friday, April 7 for a free lecture when he speaks about "The Advent of Complex Society and Egyptian State Formation." How did Egypt evolve? Why was it so different From all the other cultures in antiquity?

On Saturday, April 8, join us for an all day seminar where Dr. Redford will explore the topic of the Egyptian language. In the morning he will focus on: "The Loss and Recovery of the Script,' and in the afternoon his topic will be "The Origins of the Script." where and how did the Egyptian language evolve, and how are we able to read it today?

To help defray the cost of bringing him here we must request a fifty dollar donation for the seminar, half-day tickets are also available, and special rates are available for students.

This weekend might well be a once in a lifetime opportunity to study with one of the three or four most important living Egyptologists in North America. Come and share the day with us.







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